Are you looking for a bot?,

Here you have Easy Suggest

Tired of lots of difficult configuration? Here you have Easy Suggest! You have all the control over the bot. Customize easily the emotes, colors, etc. Just invite him and do s!setup to get a guide of what you need to do.
For the best experiance, view on a Computer.

What can it do

Easy Suggest is capable to do a lot of things and personalization!

Custom Colors

You can customize the color of the suggestions. Your server, your colors :D

AntiSpam System

Don't want spammers? No problem, the bot has an AntiSpam System that will prevent spammers to collapse your suggestions channel, and event you're able to whitelist a role!

Blazing Fast

The bot is well coded and optimized, to get all the maximum potential it can have.

Here you've got some examples

Color Picker


Suggestions Preview

You can customize buttons and colors!

Invite the Bot!

If you like it so far, give it a shot by inviting it to your server!

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